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Compressed Air Energy Efficiency Audit

Air compressors account for approximately 10% of electricity usage, so it has now become prudent to look at ways of reducing running costs. This can be achieved in different ways, from ‘smart sequence panels’ and variable speed drive, to correct compressor sizing and air leak management. We offer you a survey of your system and issue a report detailing where savings can be achieved.

For a complete understanding of the productivity and efficiency in your compressed air system, A&B Air Systems Ltd will conduct a thorough Compressed Air System Audit. During this process a precise, digital and physical analysis will be performed, usually with astonishing results.

Audit Stages

There are two stages to the audit, the Supply Side Audit, followed by a Full System Audit.

  • Differentials, signals and set points management
  • Pressure drop management yields significant energy savings
  • Air quality management results in significant productivity improvements


  • All audit components previously identified, plus….
  • An exact match of optimal demand-side requirements to minimum compressed air consumption
  • Air leakage and inappropriate use for compressed air assessment

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