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Engineered to your requirements

Whatever you’re looking for in your compressed air system, A&B Air Systems have the technical expertise and experience to design and install it to your precise specification.

As the leading provider of air compressor systems and pipework design in North Wales, Manchester, Liverpool and the North West, you can rely on A&B Air Systems to deliver every single time. Our team of professional and fully qualified engineers will ensure your air compressor design and installation goes smoothly – from the initial stages of planning and design to the necessary modifications to install your system in your building or workshop.

Custom Design & Installation Systems

We design custom solutions to your specific requirements and install them to our exacting standards – all with minimum disruption to your business.

With air compressor design and installation, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Requirements differ vastly from one business to the next, not only depending on the industry (whether that’s automotive, medical or manufacturing) but on the location itself.

A new compressor system will often require changes to existing (or adding new) pipework. New control panels and controller systems or specialist installation equipment may be required, for example.

A&B Air Systems has the tools and technical knowledge to devise the perfect approach to deal with all these concerns. The result? A high-performance air compressor system that satisfies the demands of you and your business requirements.

We understand that every client’s needs are different. Call us today to discuss yours – you can expect expert advice and technical consultation every step of the way.

If you require a reliable company dedicated to creating a compressed air solution that works perfectly for your requirements, look no further than A&B Air Systems.

Our skilled team of engineers are qualified to install and service your existing air compressor equipment or design and install new systems.

However unique and however complex, A&B Air Systems can help design and install a compressed air system to your specification.

Specialists in SimplAir EPL pipe work systems


The SimplAir EPL systems are quick and easy to install and perform modifications to. Alterations and additions to the system can be carried out in minutes, minimising the effect on production.


The benefit of EPL’s smooth bore over conventional piping systems, is that it prevents high pressure losses and allows for higher flow rates.

Lightweight Material

Offers the same structural strength of traditional piping but with less than quarter of the weight, making it the perfect choice for roof structures, walls or machinery.

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For more information on compressed air systems, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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