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There are different types of reconditioning that A & B Air Systems Ltd offer, ranging from a repair of a non-functioning machine, to the rebuilding of a machine, and even further to a complete overhaul. The required work is usually determined by many factors such as the compressor age, and the customer budget

Compressor Repairs

Repairing a compressor is simply a reconditioning procedure that is required to bring the compressor back up to an acceptable operating condition. This usually entails replacing or readjusting certain components, without a complete disassembly of the compressor. Once the repair is complete, the compressor should perform at least as good, or better than it did prior to the repair. An example of this is a shaft seal replacement.

Compressor Rebuild

Remanufacturing a screw compressor involves replacing all major wearing components or if possible, returning to within new compressor tolerances by machining, plating, or welding. All bearings, balance pistons, etc. are dimensionally checked and replaced if worn beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations. Balancing of major rotating parts is performed if any damage has occurred to them. A remanufactured compressor should operate within 5% of the original new compressor limits, and should operate well past its warranty period.

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